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3321 Route 9.
Valatie, New York 12184
Phone: 518-784-2491
Fax: 518-784-2490
SAT 7:30AM-11AM (Breakfast)
11AM-8PM (Lunch & Dinner)
Closed Sundays
soft serve ice cream burgers hot wings salad
6 oz. black angus burger
all served with lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo
on the side unless specified

Hamburger                                                       $6.50

cheeseburger                                                   $7.00

bacon cheeseburger                                        $7.50

10" hot dogs

10" hot dog                                                     $2.50

10" hot dog with sauerkraut                        $3.00

10" hot dog with chili                                   $3.00

10" hot dog with chili & cheese                    $3.50

homemade soups

Daily special           cup    $3.00       bowl    $4..00

chowder                  cup    $3.50       bowl    $4.50

Chili                                                               $5.50

roll & butter                                                 $1.00

side orders

chicken strips                                              $4.95

baked beans deluxe                                     $3.50

french fries                                                 $3.25

french fries with cheese                            $3.75

french fries with gravy                              $3.75

dinner salad                                               $3.00

cole slaw                                                     $2.50

onion rings                                                 $3.95

mozzarella sticks                                       $4.95

veggie wrap                           $6.50
lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives,
peppers, cucumbers and vinaigrette         

chicken vegetable wrap        $7.25
sliced chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes,
onions, peppers, cucumber and vinaigrette

spicy chicken wrap               $7.25
spicy sliced chicken, lettuce, tomatoes,
black olives and ranch dressing

chicken wrap                        $7.25
sliced chicken, cooked peppers & onions
with melted cheese

pulled chicken wrap            $7.25
Pulled chicken with okenny's grilling
sauce and coleslaw

cheeseburger wrap              $7.25
cheeseburger, lettuce, tomatoes,
onions and Ok mayo

roast beef wrap                   $7.50
ok roast beef, cooked peppers & onions
with melted cheese and horseradish

turkey club wrap                 $7.25
turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and
ok mayo

rueben wrap                        $7.50
corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut
and russian dressing

tuna wrap                            $7.25
tuna salad, lettuce, tomatoes, onions
and ok mayo

pulled pork wrap               $7.50
pulled pork with okenny's grilling
sauce and coleslaw

buffalo chicken wrap            $7.25
spicy crispy chicken, lettuce,
tomatoes and bleu cheese dressing

okenny wrap                          $7.50
ok roast beef, lettuce, tomatoes,
onions, swiss cheese, horseradish
and ok mayo

chicken caesar wrap             $7.25
sliced chicken, lettuce, tomatoes,
parmesan cheese, croutons and
caesar dressing

greek wrap                           $7.50
sliced chicken, lettuce, tomatoes,             
onion, black olives, feta cheese and
caesar dressing

chicken cordon bleu wrap  $7.50
crispy chicken, ham, melted swiss
cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and ranch

hot ham & cheese wrap        $7.25
ham, melted american cheese, lettuce,
tomatoes and okenny's honey mustard

crispy chicken club wrap   $7.50
crispy chicken, lettuce, tomatoes,
bacon and ok mayo

blt wrap                              $7.25
bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and ok mayo   


$1.50 each                                $2.00 each
coffee-hot chocolate              bottled water,
canned tea or soda                soda, milk

special homemade
desserts daily
Ok cream puffs                                        $3.50 each
variety of pies and cakes                       $3.00/slice
"dinner specials" every evening
due to increased cost for plastic take-out containers,
all dinners to go will be an additional $ .50
cold subs - 8 inch
all subs include lettuce, tomato, onion & choice of dressing

roast beef                                                                                               $7.50

ham                                                                                                         $7.50

turkey                                                                                                     $7.50

american mix (roast beef, ham, turkey, american cheese)                  $7.50

italian mix (salami, pepperoni, provolone)                                         $7.50

hot subs - 8 inch

pulled pork (topped with coleslaw)                                                    $7.50

pulled chicken (topped with coleslaw)                                               $7.50

philly cheese (roast beef sub with melted swiss cheese, peppers,    $7.50
onions and russian dressing)
extra dressing - $ .50        additional cheese  $ .50

catering menu
by the tray
                                     1/2 Tray                          full tray
antipasto salad                                   $35.00                                                $55.00

cole slaw                                              $25.00                                                $45.00

macaroni salad                                   $35.00                                                $50.00

potato salad                                        $35.00                                                $50.00

baked beans deluxe                            $40.00                                                 $60.00

baked ziti                                            $35.00                                                 $55.00

meatballs in marinara sauce            $45.00                                                 $65.00

sausage in marinara sauce               $45.00                                                 $65.00

meat platter

Ok pulled pork                          $8.95/lb         ok roast beef                      $8.95/lb         
assorted meat platter             $8.95/lb

many other dishes available upon request
meatball subs soups cake catering coffee dessert to go
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